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Falke Running Impulse Men Boxer Cool

£45 www.falke.com

Slip into these boxers from Falke and you’ll certainly know that you’re wearing a sports-focused product. In fit and design they’re far more akin to contour-hugging cycling shorts than they are to an airy pair of boxers. They consequently grip well around the waist (on which runs a kind of miniature patterned pile for comfort and stability) and around the mid thigh also. The crotch is well judged as its spacious enough not to feel restrictive, yet well fitted enough to be supportive. This is all well aided by the polyester/nylon/elastane mix fabric which offers an excellent amount of quick-wicking stretch when in use. South of the waistband the design is broadly seamless too (with no fly), which helps communicate that smoothness further. Finally, parts of the fabric are thinner than others, helping to release heat effectively when stretched. I’ve found them well suited as a cycling undershort as well as for jogging use, but I hesitate a little with the tightness of fit for general use (they only come in two sizes), and a summer’s use is already wearing the fabric in the saddle-contact zone.

VERDICT: A tight, pricey and technical underwear for specialist use.

BEST FOR: High intensity exercise.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel