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Cube Nutrail Pro


The fat bike revolution has been an odd one. Originally designed to roll well on sand or snow, these balloon-tyred mtbs have been quickly adopted by the bike packing fraternity as great workhorses that cope admirably with long distances, mixed surfaces and of course, a few kilograms of overnight kit. The Nutrail Pro is the first fat bike I have tried though, and I have to say I have gone from being a sceptic to being totally convinced. First off, it performs as a trail bike. Yup, it may not be quite as nimble as some, but with the superb RockShox Bluto fork up front, and 740mm handlebars, I never found it lacking on typical trail centre terrain. And it excels as a bike-packing machine, comfortably rolling its way through the miles, no matter how much luggage I have asked it to take. The 1 x 11 SRAM gear setup proved reliable and versatile, and while it spins out easily at the top end, the 42 teeth lower sprocket was perfect for winching my way slowly up some pretty meaty Welsh hills. A word of warning here though: it doesn’t want to climb quickly. Most impressive though, was the perhaps predictable amount of traction it produces. Whether it was steep wet rock, or slippery, slimy mud, it just gripped. And if the going got really soft, it managed to float where a normal-tyred bike would flounder. If it has a weakness, it’s very loose pebbly rock, where that floating sensation leaves you wishing you had a rudder or a dagger board or something to keep it tracking where you want it to go. But it was never really built for that kind of going anyway. If you’re fat bike curious, I’d definitely recommend trying one. And for performance and value for money, I think you’d have to go a long way to beat the Nutrail. TH


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding