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Bollé Kingsnake Polarized

£84 www.bolle-europe.co.uk

The Bollé Kingsnake Polarized sunglasses I tested have stylish tortoiseshell frames. The red/brown A 14 Oleo AF lenses are fairly dark, high quality polarized, good for bright days on the hill or driving. In fact polarized lenses are great for all sorts of outdoor activities because they reduce glare. The sea looks more transparent and objects look more defined with good contrast.  There’s some debate about whether polarized lenses affect depth perception, and I believe I have noticed it with other cheaper shades, but it is not at all discernable with the Bollé Kingsnake, making them a good bet for a range of sports.

VERDICT: A classy pair of all round sunglasses with quality polarized lenses.

BEST FOR: Multi use, full sunlight.

 Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider