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Bogs B-MOC Puff Owl

£45 www.bogsfootwear.co.uk

There’s an aesthetic quality to these little waterproof boots that’s both cutesy and glam at the same time. The former because they’ve got owls on them. The latter because they’re filled with a luxuriously furry lining. In most cases both will appeal to parent and child alike. The sides aren’t too tall, and there’s a handle built into them. This is superb for helping the little one pull them on and off themselves, but also means that they’re not the absolute best for jumping up and down in muddy puddles. However, if you can keep the immersion in water to a reasonable level they’re perfectly waterproof and a handy draw-cord tightener above the ankle helps somewhat. That soft lining really must communicate a great deal of soft comfort… I imagine (my daughter is completely uninterested in the question). We can’t claim to have tested them in the -20 deg C that Bogs claim they’re suitable for, however, given the good build and our experience in the damp and wet, it seems likely that they’re a strong choice for cold conditions.

VERDICT: A stylish choice with a attractive furry and wicking lining. 

BEST FOR: Cold, crisp days in the woods. 

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel and daughter