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Bloc Chameleon X400S – Recommended

£45 www.bloceyewear.com

These are the high altitude trekking and mountaineering specialists in our small selection, and rated as category 4: That means they allow less than 10% of available light through the lenses, which maybe too little for many and is definitely too little for driving. Don’t wear these while operating a vehicle – they aren’t reactive (photochromatic) either. However, in their chosen arena, these are excellent. As you’d expect they are 100% UV proof. The small but close fitting lens protects the eye, I suffered little in the way of refractions or glare and the wraparound arm hugs the ears and means these stay on no matter what! That can actually make them hard to take off, but if you are somewhere this bright it’s likely you’ll need them on all day. There’s also a very interesting, detachable foam ‘gasket’, which is easily removed but when in place seals off the eyes from light coming in around the edges of the frame. There’s a slight increase in the risk of fogging, but because it’s foam this seems to clear very quickly. At this price and with a free soft case thrown in, if you are headed for the high tops somewhere with more sun than we’re seeing in the UK at the moment, these are great value and high performers. DL

VERDICT: Good value and very protective cat. 4 sunglasses.

BEST FOR: High altitude trekking and mountaineering. Too dark to use for driving.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd