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Beet it Flapjack

£0.89 each, or 25 for £28 www.beet-it.com

I’m suspicious of much of the quackery around performance foods and supplements… but I love beetroot, so I thought I’d give these a go! What we get is a tasty flapjack – nothing but oats, beetroot and apple juice, and a few raisins – which has a really wholesome, salty-sweet ‘tang’ to it. Given my very unscientific test, it’s both filled me up and given me a boost on hikes and bike rides. The beetroot supplies 200mg of nitrate per bar, claimed to lower blood pressure, increase oxygen delivery and improve sports performance. Technically, nitrate oxide is a ‘vasodilator’, which means it opens up the blood vessels. Along with the carbs in the oats it’s an energising combination. Those suffering from migraines or blood related conditions need to be cautious around nitrate rich foods, but I very much enjoyed Beet it as a healthier, not too sweet trail food option.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd