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Alpkit Brukit Jackal – Best Buy




£42 www.alpkit.com

When a stove is this competitively priced you’d expect it to sacrifice quality across the board. However, with the Jackal this just isn’t true. Despite the bargain basement price tag, you’d be hard pressed to choose between it and the MSR/Jetboil efforts for aesthetics and ease of use. The cosy and handle are supple and effective, the pan support clips nicely into the heat exchanger, the attempt at wind resistance is admirable (the pot clips neatly into the exchanger) and you even get a built-in piezo ignition – negating the need for a flint or lighter. Throw in the chunky lid and easy stacking design and overall the Jackal feels solid and pleasing… and all at 419g too. However, it’s in the performance that the concessions to price become apparent and I waited 3:50 for 250ml of water to boil – putting it sixth of the seven units tested here for speed. However, most users won’t need lightning fast performance or expensive weatherproofing for the odd wild camp and for £42 this could be all the stove they will ever need.

VERDICT: A nifty entry-level stove for an excellent price.

BEST FOR: Hillwalkers.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel