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Adidas Zonyk L

£119.80 www.adidas.co.uk

My test pair came with yellow crystal frames and a very striking shape, although matt frames are also available. I was a bit taken aback by the look but I’m happy to experiment and my younger friends said they were cool so I persisted. They are designed for cycling and they are indeed great on the road in bright sunlight, as the lenses are high quality dark grey, great for a range of light conditions, and have good range of vision. However, on the mountain bike I found the crystal frames very distracting, and the lenses too dark for the low light conditions of my local forested trails. I also tried them out whilst snowshoeing, but found that they suffered from fogging up without a good breeze running through them.

VERDICT: Funky cycling shades, but avoid the crystal frames.

BEST FOR: Standing out from the crowd.

Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider