Dave Cornthwaite: from Memphis to Miami

Record Breaking adventurer Dave Cornthwaite is famed for extreme globetrotting, from skateboarding across Australia to paddleboarding the Mississippi, and his latest escapade is no exception.  The Cushe footwear ambassador has not just sailed the Pacific but went on to pedal across America, travelling from Memphis to Miami on a 4-wheeled boxcar, completing a 1000 mile journey whilst wearing Cushe’s sportiest style to date, the ‘Spike’ which features a moulded EVA sole and memory foam foot cushioning to keep your feet comfortable no matter how many miles you travel.

Watch Dave’s awesome footage of his boxcar trip across America here:


… before he prepares for his next adventure, a 1000-mile swim down the Lower Missouri River in the USA.

Dave tells us “The cool thing about this one is that I have a 6-strong support team and documentary crew, all paddling 1000 miles beside me on SUP, kayak and canoe, whilst wearing Cushe’s amphibious Summer sandals the ‘Forensic Flop’, that with their ”Yoga Mat” sponge footbed are equally ready for the a lazy day at the beach as they are a more extreme adventure like this!”

Keep up to date with all of Cushe’s incredible team of adventurers on their blog: http://www.cushe.com/UK/en-GB/Blog/Index.mvc.aspx

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