Yellow Orphan Sign. Ukraine’s accession to the European Union on the table of the European Council

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has already stated that his country will maintain its position against Ukraine’s early accession to the EU, even arguing that the issue should be removed from the European Council’s agenda.

The EU is preparing to make a terrible mistake, a mistake that 26 member states want to make but we must avoid.”, Orban said in an interview with the channel Mantinar Aired this Wednesday.

The Hungarian Prime Minister argues that if the EU “wants to support Ukraine as a strategic signal, we should do so, but this does not mean that it will become a member state.”

This is not the first time Hungary has been at odds with its European partners. In December 2022, Budapest eased sanctions against Moscow and vetoed an agreement to provide Kiev with 18 billion euros.The European Commission is expected to decide this Wednesday to release around 10 billion EU funds to Hungary in hopes of lifting the Hungarian blockade. A decision that has sparked strong reactions in the European Parliament, where some MEPs worry that Brussels is likely to “accommodate control” by the nationalist leader.

In the Hungarian Parliament, Viktor Orbán also stressed that “Ukraine’s rapid entry into the EU will not serve the interests of Hungary or the EU.”

“Considering the numbers, taking economic studies and speeches into account [com a Ucrânia] The aim is to provide admission – so we will not use it as a political gesture, because there is no access for that purpose – at this time we must say that this thought is absurd, absurd and not serious,” said Orban. Speech.

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According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, “Ukraine is far from meeting the necessary conditions to join the European Union”.

Van der Leyen calls for “as long as needed” support for Ukraine
Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, appealed this Wednesday to support Ukraine as long as necessary.

“As the war drags on, we must demonstrate what it means to support Ukraine as long as necessary,” Ursula van der Leyen told the European Parliament before the summit.Negotiations for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union were pending four pre-established conditions, and according to the head of the European Commission, laws approved by Kiev – including national minorities, the issue raised by Hungary – managed to fulfill three. Pending tasks , that is, only one thing is missing: a new law Propaganda To control oligarchs.

“We must give Ukraine what it needs to be strong today, so that it can be strong tomorrow, when it can negotiate a just and lasting peace,” he stressed.

The European Parliament is fighting the invaders and fighting the invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine is fighting not only against the invader, but also for Europe. Joining our family is Ukraine’s ultimate victory“, defended van der Leyen, saying “to achieve this, we must play a decisive role”.

The President of the European Commission also supported it “Europe wants to guarantee Ukraine stable and substantial funding over the next four yearsIt will give confidence to investors and confidence to Ukrainian fighters.”

In Strasbourg, Ursula van der Leyen also said that Russia’s defeat does not automatically translate into Ukraine’s victory.

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“Putin’s defeat does not automatically translate into Ukraine’s victory. As the war drags on, we must demonstrate what it means to support Ukraine as long as necessary,” he said in his speech to the European Parliament, in preparation for the next European Council.

Van der Leyen recalled that exactly two years ago, in a plenary session in Strasbourg, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was discussed for the first time, but “despite the pain” one should remember “the light that shone in those dark days”. “The joy of those freed from Russian occupation” and the unity of a continent was demonstrated.

For the head of the European Commission, the Ukrainian resistance was a reality, especially since the European people “opened their hearts and homes”, adding financial support from member states and parliament.

“We empowered the Ukrainian resistance and left hope alive,” Van der Leyen assured, adding that contrary to expectations, Kiev did not succumb to invasion in the following days, winning the war on land and water, fighting and advancing. and wind.The opposition also had consequences off the battlefield, with Finland becoming a member of NATO, Sweden set to do so and Ukraine on its way to the EU.

The Kremlin has distanced itself from Western economies and innovation systems, relying on China. Not only is Putin missing strategic objectives, he is imposing a dramatic cost on his own country.The president noted Europe’s decisive role in supporting Ukraine.

Ukraine is fighting not only against the invader, but also for Europe. Joining our family is your ultimate success. We have to play a decisive role in this,” he argued, recalling the steps taken in this direction.

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Ursula van der Leyen mentions what has been done to strengthen ambitions against migration and trafficking and competitiveness, the support needed to develop technology industries. Clean.

Finally, he noted the need for technical changes in the budget, in the context of the pressure of inflation and high interest rates, the effects of war and epidemics.


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