What Ricardo Salgado’s daughter does that allows her father to pay 40 thousand euros a month, besides marrying a millionaire – National

Caterina Amon, the intelligent daughter of Ricardo Salgado, became one of the main helpers of the banker and his wife Maria Joa Bastos Salgado: every month she transferred 40 thousand euros to her parents as a monthly allowance, allowing them to continue living at home. At large, their accounts have been blocked by the courts.

María João Salgado herself confirmed in the EDP process earlier this month that the couple’s pension was insufficient, according to ‘Correo da Manha’. “So the same [encargos] Basically confirmed a The couple’s daughter donates 40 thousand euros to her mother every month to manage the family finances.

Katerina has been married for 19 years to Philippe Amon, one of Europe’s richest men, one of the heirs and managing director of SICPA.A security ink giant, it has special coding technology that makes it almost impossible to counterfeit banknotes and passports.

Caterina has been interested in music since living in Brazil in the late 1970s, studying at a conservatory in Lausanne, Switzerland, passing this interest on to her three children, and encouraging classical music evenings at home.

In 2017, Ricardo Salgado’s daughter decided to create a foundation to help young professionals find better paths and connections in the world of music.. “A This thought had been brewing in my mind for some time. Over the years, I have organized private events and invited musicians to perform. Immersed in the world of classical music, I realized the unique challenges artists face in establishing themselves and succeeding. It seemed to me that talent discovery and performance opportunities still depended on a traditional business model based on relationships, word of mouth and personal referrals. Realized the importance of communication networks and there are many closed and disconnected networks. Because of this, many talented artists are never discovered and miss out on opportunities. All this got me thinking How Classeek can help identify and support talented artists“, Katerina said in an interview.Violin channel‘. Promote events and cocktails where artists interact Advertisers and industry figures, Katerina explained. “NOverall, we are there to advise and answer all questions surrounding the beginning of an artist’s career.”

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So was bornInstallation of Ricardo Salgado’s Daughter, It currently has an “ambassador” program that encourages selected musicians for a year.

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