United Kingdom: Boris Johnson announces end to masks and isolation for victims, but his party also calls for his resignation

He has been involved in trying to resolve Boris Johnson’s controversy. The British Prime Minister told MPs and the British public this Wednesday: All restrictions imposed due to the epidemic will end this Thursday or next week. Masks are no longer mandatory, certificates for access to important events and re-access to nursing homes are being made easier. Even the mandatory five-day isolation for those affected by Govt-19 disease will only be in effect until March 24, when vaccination and infection numbers can be put forward if that number is positive.

This is exactly what Johnson did to stop the flamethrowers being used by the opposition and his own Conservative party. Both sides of the House of Commons are dissatisfied with the continuing news of parties taking place at the government headquarters during critical times of epidemics.

The Speaker In Parliament, Lindsay Hoyle had to intervene several times to impose “respect on both sides”, that is, to guarantee a minimum of silence for them to speak. From both benches, roars erupted, “Exactly!” And “Obviously!”. It remains to be seen whether Johnson will be able to inflate the balloon of collective anger, either in the next referendum or in the actions of his majority representatives, but the weekly questions for the Prime Minister will always take place on Wednesday. At noon, “Are you going to resign?” The single question dominated.

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Johnson said not always. He regrets the “urgency” with which everyone deals with the issue and recommended the results after the release of a report prepared by Sue Gray, an expert on parliamentary ethics, at all parties and working meetings in Downing Street (2020). ) And 2021) It would have happened when the rules for controlling the epidemic did not allow any kind of meetings. The Prime Minister has gone for at least one.

The general opinion left from the session was that Johnson was not as bad as he was last Wednesday, but as the BBC’s Ian Watson wrote on Twitter, the problem was, “The Prime Minister laid all the eggs. Prosecute Gray’s basket. “What if she does not release you? One question is whether Johnson lied once or more in Parliament (the terms say, signifying resignation) if he had attended parties, if he had been warned, and was invited to explain the parties. Etc. Like everyone else in this session he always avoided answering “yes” or “no”.

The ruler’s last explanation gave more reason to mock the enemy. On Monday, when he went to the hospital, more than 100 staff members called, but he said he was unaware that the meeting he spent 25 minutes in the garden of the official residence on May 20, 2020, was “illegal.” Say, “Bring your drinks.” “No one told me that this was against the rules, that we were violating the Govt-19 rules, and that we were participating in something other than work. Obviously, if I had done so, I do not see any reason why we should have agreed to do so, “Johnson told reporters.

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Conservative heavyweight Boris calls for withdrawal

All of these accidents were fully recalled in Westminster. The session was very loud, there were moments of anger, others general laughter. When Khair Stormer, the leader of the Labor Party, saw the revolt of the Conservative MPs and challenged them, one of them happened: “I believe the bench leader told them to come up with their own cry”. Now, in the case of speech, the Hoods boos In English, the sound is similar to the word onomatopoeia Alcohol, I.e., by the invitation to the May 20, 2020 banquet, glasses, alcohol.

Criticism of the leader also came from the conservative side. David Davis, a staunch supporter of Brexit, also held this portfolio among Johnson’s ministers. Asked the word to quote One of the most described political moments of the 20th centuryIn 1940, Conservative Leopold Amerie told then-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of the same party: “In the name of God, go!” Johnson said he did not know what Davis was quoting, which led opposition commentators to say he “planned” to lie because he wrote a book about Winston Churchill that he could not ignore. , The man who came after Chamberlain because of the phrase quoted.

Another serious intervention was that of the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP, Independent), who is known to have zero tolerance for the Prime Minister. “At first he said there were no parties, then he did not, then he admitted he was there, but he did not know it was a party, and the last apology was really the most pathetic of all: no one told me … no one said. The Prime Minister is violating his own rules. Absolutely “It’s pathetic,” said Ian Blackford.

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To all of these attacks, Johnson responded with administration trump cards: vaccine numbers, declining youth unemployment, termination of employment Detailed and, of course, the end of the restrictions. “When the history of this epidemic is written and the history of the Labor Party is written, it will prove that we were effective when they disbanded and that we were vaccinated when they stumbled,” Johnson said.

The day began with an unexpected piece of news that began the session: Christian Wakefield, vice president of Barry South, defected from the Conservative Party to the Labor Party. This was well received by Stormer and provided him with the perfect publishing platform to say that only workers could meet the needs of the UK.

What else does Johnson have? Continuing in office, cracking down on corruption, dealing with a resolution of condemnation from your parliamentary bench (requiring 54 letters to shake the confidence of the delegates) or the somewhat widespread British organization “really men” are waiting to defeat you. Door and ask him to leave. These “real men” are nothing more than conservatives who have come together to overthrow a prime minister. This is no longer the current practice, but informal pressure is very much alive.

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