Gas pipe bursts and civil discharge. Tensions have risen in eastern Ukraine

Symptoms that appear to be supportive The president of the United States this evening accused Russia of creating “a false justification” for the war With Ukraine.

Joe Biden told a news conference Believe that his Russian envoy to the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, has “already decided.” It will start the attack “In the next few days”.

The United States and the United Kingdom have blamed each other for the past few hours Russia is responsible for this week’s “limited impact” cyber attack on Ukraine’s defense ministry And the major banking institutions in this country and the Russians believe they are preparing for even more devastating invasions. This Saturday Grom is scheduled for military exercises, a set of annual maneuvers by the Russian war machine that includes ballistic and cruise missiles. Russian President Vladimir Putin will closely monitor these moves.

U.S. officials say Russia planned the invasion and programmed pre-recorded videos of the Kremlin as part of a misinformation campaign.

The Associated Press announced this evening the release of metadata on two videos released by pro-Russian separatists across the border into Ukraine. Files showing that they were created two days ago.

He said in a video by Donetsk President Denis Bush that Russia had prepared shelters for IDPs and that it was only known this Friday that Putin had ordered the country to welcome refugees from eastern Ukraine.

Bush’s statement added Telegraph This afternoon, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky will order an immediate offensive in the region.

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Kiev has promised that any attack will only be in retaliation for the attack. For the past two days, both sides have been blaming each other for violating the ceasefire agreement.

“High troop concentration” after the Cold War

Biden added in his statement tonight It’s not too late for diplomacy While guaranteeing that “the whole independent world is united” to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Western nations have rejected direct military intervention to support the Kiev government and protect Ukrainian territorial integrity, but threaten the “most serious” sanctions already in place.

On Friday, NATO’s secretary general told the German television channel ZDF that Russia had created “the largest military force” since the Cold War.On the border with Ukraine. “This is more than a ploy. Russia is clearly attacking Ukraine without any other warning,” Jens Stoltenberg warned.

Russia deploys 169,000 and 190,000 operatives along the border with Ukraine.

This is the number proposed by the US representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Washington included in its operational calculations the “inside and around” part of Ukrainian territory, which is an explicit reference to the region controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

Tensions with Ukraine began with the deployment of Russian troops next to Ukraine for training. The West accused Moscow of preparing for the invasion, and the Kremlin denied it and demanded compensation.

The Kremlin says it is threatened by the presence of NATO troops Countries within its sphere of influence and wants to retreat. It also wants a guarantee that the Ukrainian government will not apply for membership in NATO.

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Requests were reluctantly rejected and a block by West and Kiev.

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