The New York Attorney General has “significant evidence” of Trump’s involvement in “fraudulent or misleading” practices.

The New York Attorney General has revealed that he has “vital evidence” that Donald Trump’s company fraudulently embezzled bank assets. Letidia James released new details of her investigation into the family business of the former president of the United States this Tuesday. Reports now say he wants to interrogate Trump and his two children under oath.The New York Times”.

The attorney general said Trump’s company is engaged in “fraudulent or fraudulent” practices, increasing the base by repeatedly misrepresenting the value of the Trump organization’s corporate assets. “We have found significant evidence that Donald J. Trump and the Trump administration misappropriated a number of assets and misrepresented those values ​​to financial institutions for economic gain,” it said in a statement.

In this case, this is the first time the Attorney General’s Office has made such specific allegations against a former head of state. Trump, on the other hand, wants to close the investigation into his family business by calling it a “discriminatory witch hunt” (Leticia James is a Democrat, Donald Trump is a Republican).

According to the lawyer’s case, many of the assets were “generally raised under one model to say that Trump’s net worth is higher than it appears.” The issue is the value of six assets and the Trump brand. Property includes golf clubs in New York and Scotland, iconic buildings in Manhattan and Penthouse Trump Tower.

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