Computer attack on International Committee of the Red Cross compromises data on 515,000 vulnerable individuals

“This cyber-attack puts the vulnerable population and those in need of humanitarian services at even greater risk,” ICRC Director-General Robert Martini was quoted as saying in a statement.

The attack was discovered this week by the Geneva-based organization in Switzerland.

The company says it does not yet have information about the authors of the computer attack that targeted an outside company in Switzerland, with which ICRC has concluded agreements to store the data.

“We do not know who was responsible for the attack or why they carried it out,” he said. [‘hackers’]. Your actions may cause even more harm and pain to those who have already experienced untold suffering. Do not share, sell, publish or use this data, ”Robert Martini warned.

According to the ICRC, so far there is no indication that the compromised information has been made public or shared.

The cyber attack has “compromised the personal data and confidential information of more than 515,000 highly vulnerable individuals, including those who have left their families, disappeared and families and detainees in the wake of conflicts, displacements and disasters”.

Data was sent from at least 60 national Red Cross and Red Cross organizations around the world.

“Attacking missing persons data makes it even harder for families to cope with the pain and suffering,” Martini said.

During conflicts and disasters, families may lose track of a family member.

The ICRC and the National Red Cross and Red Cross work to clarify the fate of the missing, exchange messages and reunite families.

“Every day, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) help reunite an average of 12 missing persons with their families. There are a dozen happy family reunions every day. Cyber ​​attacks like this affect this vital work, ”lamented the ICRC Director General.

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The ICRC said it was working with its humanitarian partners around the world to understand the purpose of the attack and take appropriate measures to protect its data in the future.

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