This is the paradox of tolerance. Listen to the “Art of the Possible” podcast

Politics, in Bismarck’s definition, is discussed every week with a critical spirit and good irony by Antonio Saraiva, Luis Osorio and Vera Gouvia Barros. In this edition, we cover the alleged insults heard in Parliament and the much-discussed freedom of expression.

24 May 2024, 6:00 PM


In this episode, the controversy surrounding Andre Ventura’s statements about the Turkish people and freedom of expression is resolved. Complaints about inappropriate behavior of SEGA representatives towards members of other parties are also under analysis. In the podcast “A Arte do Possível”, hosted by Nuno Braga and edited by Vera Gouveia Barros, António Saraiva and Luís Osório Reflects the paradox of intolerance and the difficulty of making a concrete analysis of recent events in Parliament. The tense atmosphere and the deterioration of the behavior of political representatives are worrying for democracy.

Key points

  • The controversy surrounding Andre Ventura’s statements about Turkish people raises questions about freedom of expression and hate speech
  • Complaints about inappropriate behavior by SEGA representatives highlight the deterioration of the behavior of political representatives.
  • The paradox of intolerance is discussed, highlighting the difficulty of finding a compromise solution against freedom of expression and hate speech.
  • The tense atmosphere in the republican assembly and lack of urbanism is a concern for democracy

Strong sentences

  • “The Paradox of Intolerance Unresolved”
  • “This is the week that a party further to the right than Sega, waits outside the Bloc de Escorta and beats a man”
  • “The most popular students are not always the most agreeable and well-behaved.”
  • “There is a parallel between society and school where disrespectful behavior contributes to popularity.”
  • “The educational system is based on memorizing content rather than improving its understanding and application.”
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