The new Russian intercontinental ballistic missile will be ready “by the end of the year” – the Observer

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It is called the RS-28 Sarmat and Vladimir Putin classified it as “the most incomparable and long-lasting weapon in the world”. Russia’s president has said the new intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of carrying 16 small nuclear weapons or ten large nuclear weapons, should be ready by the end of this year.

Putin announced on Tuesday that he was “taking into account possible threats and military risks” to “grow and strengthen” the Russian armed forces. “We will improve its effectiveness. One of our priorities is to equip troops with new weapons that will define our military and our navy’s combat capabilities for decades,” he said in a speech.

When he mentioned the new intercontinental ballistic missiles, he had already promised.Tested successfully“.” We expect the first Sarmat campus Stay active until the end of the year“, He added.

Putin even said about Sarmat “It is capable of suppressing any modern anti-missile defense” and “is unparalleled in the world and will not last long”. The missile is capable of carrying 16 small nuclear weapons or ten large warships. At a maximum distance of 18,000 kilometers, if fully equipped, it is capable of destroying an area such as the state of Texas or France – thus killing millions of people.

Five facts about the new Russian missile Sarmat, capable of destroying an area similar to France

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