Zelensky’s cabinet slams Trump’s proposal to cede Ukraine territories to Russia – Executive Digest

Donald Trump suggested this Wednesday that Ukraine should cede territory to Russia to end the conflict between the two countries and the Ukrainian president didn’t take long to respond to the former North American leader.

On social media, the response came from Mykhailo Podoliak, Zeleski’s adviser and adviser to the head of the presidential office, who underlined that it was a question of respect for Ukrainian sovereignty and that yielding to the pressures of the occupying state would trigger a new one. Episodes of occupation.

“Antiquated agreements for peace will only lead to escalation of conflict and further stages of war. Any concession to the aggressor leads to a strong expansion of acts of aggression, the development of an appetite for aggression and a desire to demonstratively abrogate international law,” Podoliak wrote.

Donald Trump is recalled talking about the Wagner Group insurgency case, and considered Putin “a little weakened” by the episode.

The Republican running for the White House has not ruled out that Ukraine should “cede territory to Russia to end the war.”

“I think they should keep most of the territory they got, and I think Russia will agree to that. It will take the right mediator, and we don’t have that right now,” pointed out Trump, who has repeatedly ‘offered’ to mediate peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

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