The former soldier died penniless. On the day of the funeral, hundreds turned up

oh War hero Peter Brown dies aged 96, unaccompanied by his family However, his last tribute was lonely.

The man died alone at his home in December, and his neighbors feared only a small group would attend the funeral. However, a viral campaign carried out by the British media made it possible to find some of his relatives, whose farewell was worthy of a World War II veteran, writes The Guardian.

At just 16, Peter lied about his age and joined the British Air Force after a trip to England from his native Jamaica. He has already represented the country in various missions in countries such as Malta, Egypt or Palestine.

His funeral was planned for a small church in London that could accommodate about 140 people. However, the venue was changed at the last minute as more than five hundred people wanted to pay their respects to the airman.

“I’m here to pay my respects to Sergeant Peter Brown. In my opinion, he did what he could, he served his country at a very difficult time during the war. And it’s unacceptable that he died unnoticed,” one of those present told The Guardian.

The funeral took place at the Church of St. Clement Danes in central London is the official chapel of the RAF [Royal Air Force], with a seating capacity of 600 people. Brown’s coffin was draped in a Union flag and decorated with an RAF cap, a bouquet of flowers and his war medals.

“The national reaction to the Peter Brown story has been tremendous,” said Westminster City Councilor Adam Hough.

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Check out the tribute to Peter Brown in the gallery above.

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