Joe Cameron doesn’t feel pain and scientists have already found an explanation

A genetic mutation allows a 75-year-old British woman to live without pain, anxiety and even fear. The discovery was made by University College London (UCL) experts, who believe that a mutation in the FAAH-OUT gene could help wounds heal faster.

British woman Jo Cameron’s case, published in the journal “Brain,” scientists hope will open the door to new scientific trials for the development of drugs to treat pain and injuries.

“Understanding what happens at the molecular level could open up the possibility of developing new drugs that could have long-term positive impacts on patients,” said UCL professor and study author James Cox.Independent”.

Joe Cameron lives in Loch Ness, Scotland. Known in 2019 When the investigators announced that mutations in the FAAH-OUT gene caused you to not feel pain, anxiety or fear.

It was only ten years ago that Jo became aware of her condition when she sought medical attention for a problem with her hip, despite not feeling any pain. Several months later he underwent surgery at Roygmore Hospital, and although the treatment was painful, he reported no pain.

Researchers who have just published a study explaining this phenomenon have identified changes in two genes, BDNF and ACKR3, that may also contribute to Joe Cameron’s pain absence.

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