The detained activist claims to be working for an NGO funded to destabilize Mozambique

Police in the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) arrested an activist who allegedly incited violence today, saying he was working for a non-governmental organization (NGO) funded by Germany to “destabilize the country”.

“He also claimed to belong to an NGO funded by the German government to destabilize the country, with reports of incitement to violence,” declared Tercio Samuel, a spokesman for the provincial police of the republic's command. Mozambique (PRM) in Nampula in northern Mozambique.

Lusa asked for a response from the German embassy in the Mozambican capital, but has yet to receive a response.

Joaquim Bachonia, a local activist from the Mendes Resilientes Association, was arrested Saturday in the city of Nampula, accused of inciting violence and insulting the Mozambican president and the police.

“He incited the youth to violence and hurled various insults against the head of state. [Filipe Nyusi] and PRM leaders. In a video, he called out PRM members for “breeding dogs that don't think and only act according to their owner's commands,” a police spokesman in Nampula reported.

Mozambique police accuse the young activist of inciting people to attack him and using superstitious methods to curse recently sworn-in members of municipal assemblies following October 11 elections, which were hotly contested by the opposition and civil society.

“Freedom of the press is considered a constitutional right (…) However, the statements of the accused do not aim at the same objective and violate the limits of freedom of expression, which translates into crimes against good name and honor. People”, the Corporation spokesperson added.

On Saturday, the president of the Mentes Resilientes Association told Luza that the activist, known as Jota Pachoneia, was taken from his home early in the morning by an armed group to an unknown location, a version contradicted by the police. He said he was detained at Nampula International Airport.

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Jodha Bachonia, 36, is an activist known locally for being critical of the authorities, and according to the association she belongs to, she has reported threats over comments on social media.

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