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Many people are interested in numismatics, which, with proper attention, has become a good form of investment: people are paying more and more for some of the most valuable and rare pieces in many collections. Better to focus on the old coins you have in your wallet or stash at home – and some old coins that aren't…

As the newspaper 'El Español' points out, the high values ​​at the auction are not only concerned with coins from other eras: there is a cent coin from 2002, which is more than two decades old. A jewel from any collection, as it can be worth tens of thousands of euros.

Any collector's 'holy grail' stands out not only for its low face value, but also for its specific design and rarity, which has fueled interest: the coin in question is a real value 1 cent coin designed by Rolf Lederbogen. The German architect from Lower Saxony died in 2012.

The obverse of this coin features an oak tree, a significant symbol in German history and culture. The oak symbolizes the protective status of its inhabitants, while the trunk symbolizes strength and stability.

It is made from a different type of steel compared to other cents produced at the same time, a feature that gives it a unique color.

The fact is that this particular item, because there are very few copies in the world, has already fetched up to 50 thousand euros at the most prestigious auctions.

Despite its extraordinary value, it is always recommended that you consult a numismatist who can make an accurate appraisal of your collection.

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