The cause of death of the doctor killed by Daniel Sancho has been revealed

ohThe autopsy results on Edwin Arrieta’s body revealed that the doctor died after being beheaded by Spanish national Daniel Sancho.

Thailand’s police chief number two Suraset Hagburn, who is in charge of the investigation into the August 2 murder, revealed this morning.

“We already have the definitive results of the autopsy. First they fought, according to the evidence at the scene (of the crime), Daniel punched him, the doctor (Arrieta) fell and hit his head in the sink, but he did not. According to the expertise, he would have died at that time, but (Sancho) cut his throat. when it started”The deputy director of the Thai police explained in an interview with EFE.

Note that the author of the crime is Daniel Sanzo, son of actor Rodolfo Sanzo. The 29-year-old entered the country as a tourist on July 31 and killed Colombian plastic surgeon Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, 44, whose body parts were found in a landfill on the island.

Daniel Sancho has already taken responsibility for the crime and helped the police by revealing where he kept the victim’s body.

According to the Bangkok Post, the Spaniard revealed his version of events, saying that he and the victim saw each other on August 3 at around 2pm and that they were riding a motorcycle together – and, images from security cameras show.

Arriving at the hotel room, after an argument over the surgeon asking him for sex, as he had said the previous day, Sancho punched his friend in the face, knocking him unconscious.

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Yet according to the Bangkok Post, the man, panicking, then took him to the bathroom and tried to bring him back to consciousness — without success.

After an hour of waiting and no response from Edwin Arrieta, the cook began cutting off the doctor, and according to him it took “three hours.” Around 9pm the same day, he started putting the surgeon’s remains into black plastic bags and hired a kayak to help throw most of them into the sea.

The rest of the body was taken to landfill on the island, where a worker would find it hours later.

Sancho has been in pre-trial detention at a Koh Samui prison in southern Thailand since August 7 after confessing to murdering Arrieta.

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