Start eating these two (super)fruits more often. Thank you for your health

‘uAn apple a day, not sure how good it is for him. Do you know the proverb? A new study by Hebrew Senior Life at Harvard University in the US says we should all be eating apples and blackberries at home.

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Both help prevent frailty syndrome, which can lead to falls, fractures, disability, hospitalization and even death, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This is because both apples and blackberries contain compounds called flavonols, which belong to the class of flavonoids. These have antioxidant properties.

Researchers say that flavanols help reduce the chance of older adults suffering from this syndrome by 10 to 15%. For example, quercetin, found in apples, onions, broccoli, and yellow bell peppers, is a flavonol that helps fight weakness.

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The results suggest, “For every 10 milligrams of flavanols consumed more per day, the probability of frailty decreases by 20%,” says Shivani Sahni, one of the authors of the study, as cited by the Daily Express newspaper. A serving contains about 10 milligrams of flavanols.

“Although there was no significant association between total flavonoid intake and frailty, higher intakes of the flavonols quercetin were associated with a lower likelihood of developing frailty,” he concludes.

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