The man goes to the altar to reveal his bride’s infidelity with one of the best men

UA groom decided to unmask his girlfriend and one of his best friends with an emotional speech on their wedding day.

Instead of deciding to end the relationship after discovering his partner was cheating on him with his best friend and best man at the wedding, the groom decided to go ahead with the wedding.

However, he reserved a bittersweet surprise for the ceremony.

The story was shared on British podcast The Unfiltered Bride starring Georgie and Beth. In one of the latest episodes, Geordie tells what happened that day.

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As she said, the bride and groom went to the altar and had a beautiful ceremony, and when it came time for the speech, the groom left everyone speechless. Meanwhile, envelopes were also given to the guests.

“Before starting [a falar], there are some envelopes in circulation and I want you to open them. “Yes, those are photos of the bride curled up with her best man, so it’s time for me to leave,” she said.

According to Geordi’s account, the groom and his family abandoned the ceremony, forcing the bride to bear all the expenses of the event.

“Karma screwed up”, the two women concluded, in a video with many reactions, in which the groom was praised for choosing the perfect “timing” to take revenge.

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