Spain will not even have customs fees by 2024! Find out why…

Tolls are the biggest source of income. However, there are countries that “give up” this source of revenue, making many circular routes available for free. Spain is one of these examples and will not continue with tolls until 2024.

Govt withdraws toll payment plan...

Motorways in Spain to be free by 2024. According to the newspaper El País, the European Commission has accepted the proposal of the Spanish government, the idea of ​​introducing payment in 2024 from the recovery plan which was previously free.

Cited by CNN Portugal, the newspaper says the community administrator reviewed the decision for months before making it. This is not a quiet issue, as the move is linked to the sixth installment of promised European funds, in which Spain will receive 8,000 million euros in exchange for compliance with reforms to the rescue plan.

It should be remembered that the Spanish government has committed to create a "payment mechanism for the use of state roads" that will come into force from 2024, following the "polluter pays" principle, as stated in the original document sent to Brussels. April 2021.

The proposal was hotly contested, especially in the last election campaign for the general election on 23 July.

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