Commander of Russian Black Sea Fleet killed in Sevastopol bombing

According to the publication of the special services of the Ukrainian army on the social network Telegram, “The destruction of the headquarters of the Russian Armed Forces killed 34 officers, including the commander of the Russian Navy. One hundred and five others were injured. The head office building cannot be recovered,” he said.

Pictures of the successful attack by Ukrainian forces on September 22, which went around the world, show the fall of the second missile and testify to the impact of the blast.

This Monday, the Russians bombed the Ukrainian city of Odessa on the Black Sea, killing two people in retaliation. Ukrainian forces claim to have shot down 30 of 33 Russian missiles.

“Minimum” attack capability

If the death of Sokolov and the serious injuries of two generals are confirmed in the same attack and announced earlier, the loss of these general officers will be a serious blow to the Russian forces.

In their analysis published on Monday, September 25, British intelligence highlighted precisely that Russian offensive capability “remains low” despite its defenses being “strong”.

“Over the past nine months, the Russian force in Ukraine has demonstrated the ability to maintain strong defensive operations,” the British Ministry of Defense says. However, he adds, these forces “continue to demonstrate only minimal offensive capability.”

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In the Orikhiv and Bakhmut divisions, “Ukrainian forces repulsed Russian offensives and maintained control of recently liberated territory”, the report highlighted.

This is also mentioned The consternation expressed by the views of the Russian military communityThe UK services attest to “deep disappointment among those involved in this counterattack, particularly at Bagmut, reports of ‘false’ advances and lack of artillery support and heavy losses.”

Abrams arrived in Ukraine

In strengthening Ukrainian offensive capabilities, President Volodymyr Zelensky this Monday welcomed the arrival of Abrams armored vehicles sent by the United States months earlier.

“Good news from the minister [da Defesa, Rustem] Umerov. Abrams are already in Ukraine and should soon reinforce our regiments. “I am grateful to the allies who honored the agreements,” the Ukrainian president wrote on the Telegram network, although he did not reveal how many were delivered.

Abrams’ surrender was announced last week when Zelensky was received by US President Joe Biden.

The newspaper said the US armored vehicles arrived “months ahead of schedule”. The New York TimesAt the time of participating in the ongoing offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine.

The U.S. has committed a total of 31 Abrams vehicles equipped with 120 mm depleted uranium ammunition. It can penetrate thick armor, but remains controversial due to the associated toxic risks to the military and civilians.


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