Spain. Julia was born at home… an hour after her mother left the hospital

A Little Julia was born at home in Spain earlier in the week after her mother was sent to hospital an hour later because she felt “unwell” was “normal” for 'first-time' mothers. .

According to Spanish broadcaster Telecinco, the case happened on December 25, Christmas Day, when the parents were with their families in Los Palacios y Villafranca, Seville province.

At the beginning of the night, the mother, Kansa, began to feel “unstoppable sickness” and the couple decided to go to the hospital to monitor the pregnancy. The young mother spent the night there but was sent home as it was a “very common” situation for first-time pregnant women. An hour later, Julia was born.

According to Lito, the child's father, the couple stopped at a pharmacy after leaving the hospital. When they got home, the woman went to take a bath, and when she came out, she was already on her knees on the floor in labor.

The man told Telecinco how the birth was marked by “tension and frustration of not knowing what to do.” Help came from a relative “in the midst of an unexpected scene”, the brother of the couple's sister-in-law and a neighbor who had been alerted by the pregnant woman's screams. Everyone arrived before the ambulance arrived.

Sister-in-law's brother was a midwife and delivered the baby. Later, the cousin untied Julia's 3,700-kilogram umbilical cord and placed a tourniquet on the mother's cord after the midwife cut it.

The mother and child were later taken to hospital by ambulance, but both are safe.

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