Secret deal could end war in Ukraine by 2022

Ukrainian and Russian negotiators have almost finalized a peace deal that could have been reached just months after the war in Ukraine began. That “secret document” has now been released.

War broke out in Ukraine February 24, 2022, with the invasion of Russia. At that time, the process of negotiations began between the representatives of Russia and Ukraine with the aim of a peace treaty.

The lines of this possible agreement are set out in a A 17-page “secret document”It is said to have been prepared by Ukrainian and Russian negotiators between February and April 2022, it has now been revealed in a German newspaper. Die weld and the French quote Le Figaro.

Die Weld consulted the original document and pointed out that only some rough edges needed to be smoothed out.It was negotiated by Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky” In a meeting between the two.

Conditions in Russia

In fact, the conditions imposed by Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine are not very favorable to the invading country. But Ukraine would be willing to accept some of them.

Citing Die Welt, the Russians demanded that Ukraine be accepted “Permanent Neutrality” and abandon any “military alliance”. Did not join NATO.

Also, Moscow is intended Partial demilitarization of UkraineKiev’s military contingent was reduced to 85,000 soldiers instead of one million.

and Ukraine Cannot “acquire, manufacture or acquire” nuclear weaponsOr don’t allow foreign weapons and troops to be in your country.

But Russia is not opposed to Ukraine joining the EU He promised not to attack again Neighboring country.

Also received by Ukraine “Right of Self-Defense” – It is not something already guaranteed by international law.

And “in the event of an armed attack against Ukraine”, The Russia “promised to help Kiev To exercise their right of self-defense, guaranteed by the United Nations Charter, within a maximum of three days”, highlights the agreement quoted by Le Figaro.

Moscow also demanded Russian “became the second official language in Ukraine”.

Differences of opinion about Crimea

In the document, related differences The situation in CrimeaUkrainian territory annexed by Russia in 2014. This will be one of the points that Putin and Zelensky will have to resolve.

Russia is ready to withdraw troops from Ukraine except for Crimea and the Donbas region.

“It’s the best deal we could have had.” At the time, a member of the Ukrainian negotiating team agreed with Die Welt.

These data appear at a time a New Russian offensive in KharkivZelensky insisted that he needed the weapons promised by the West.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin appointed economist Andrei Belousov to the Ministry of Defense. The result is seen in Ukraine as a sign of that Putin is “planning a war for the long term”.

A negotiated peace in 2022 looks increasingly distant.

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