Kharkiv is “on the edge of the abyss,” says Ukrainian intelligence chief

oh The head of Ukraine’s secret services, General Kyrillo Budanov, said in a video message recorded from inside a bunker in the area besieged by the Russian military that the “situation is on edge” in Kharkiv this Tuesday.

According to Budano, “the situation is approaching a critical point with every passing hour” and the reason for this situation lies in the severe shortage of weapons, especially artillery ammunition, EFE reported.

The head of the military secret services also revealed that Russian attacks in the northeast of the country in recent days are aimed at depleting the reserves of Ukrainian soldiers and distracting them.

“All our forces are here or at Chasiv Yar. I used everything we had. Unfortunately, we no longer have anyone in reserve,” highlighted Budanov.

As they did in the first months of the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, it is recalled that in recent days Russian troops crossed the border into the Kharkiv region, opening a new front and seizing control of several locations. and then driven away.

At least 7,531 civilians, including 568 minors, have already been evacuated from Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine as a precaution against a Russian military offensive.

“The evacuation continues, but every day, every minute, it becomes more difficult,” Kharkiv governor Oleg Sinekubov said in a statement to Ukrainian journalists, warning that the situation was worsening in the Vovsansk region, a few kilometers from the border. Russia.

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