Portuguese dies in backhoe loader accident in Switzerland

Police have announced that a 26-year-old Portuguese national died in an accident while working with a backhoe in Switzerland’s Grisons province this afternoon.

“At 13:30 [locais]The man and his colleagues were working on building a road below Alp Ruschein when a mobile backhoe was loaded and used to dump the material upside down and then dump it 10 meters down the valley,” a statement said.

This happened at the same time that “the victim was compacting the soil on the road with a roller.”

“For reasons still unclear, a 26-year-old Portuguese man operating a rolling mill was run over by a passing mobile backhoe loader”, the note reveals.

Colleagues rescued the man and “immediately gave him first aid and alerted the rescue services”, according to the statement.

A medical team administered emergency measures to the victim at the site, he added.

But, he concluded, “the man died at the scene from the severity of his injuries.”

As a result of the initial report, the Road Rescue Service of the Ilanz/Glion Fire Department was called.

Together with the public prosecutor, the Grisons cantonal police (‘Graubünden’) are investigating the causes of the incident.

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