A medium-range surface-to-air defense system was provided to Kiev

BAris announced in early February that it would supply the equivalent equipment to the Patriot, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.

“I am happy to announce with my Italian colleague Giorgia Meloni that the Franco-Italian SAMP/T is now deployed in Ukraine and is working to protect vital facilities and lives,” the French head of state underlined. Speech in Paris on Air and Missile Defense of Europe.

The SAMP/T MAMBA is Europe’s first long-range anti-missile system and was delivered to help Ukraine counter attacks by Russian drones, missiles and aircraft.

With the system, its radar and its missiles armed with eight Aster missiles make it “possible to combat a wide range of aerial threats” at a range of about 100 kilometers, a French military official told AFP in December.

Kiev has been calling for months to strengthen its ground-to-air defenses, especially after a wave of Russian attacks on its critical infrastructure using Iranian drones last fall.

A MAMBA was already deployed in Romania to protect the highly strategic Black Sea port area of ​​Constanta.

The Ukrainian military said today that it has recaptured the town of Piatikatki, located on the “southern flank” of the conflict with Russian forces that invaded the country in 2022.

A total of “eight positions were liberated” and “113 square kilometers were recaptured” in June following the counter-offensive, Deputy Defense Minister Khanna Maliar announced in a message on social media.

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