Pope Francis canceled the trial. (Controlled) Eruption of Former Holy Office – Executive Digest

Another historic step taken by Pope Francis, which he promises represents a ‘leap’ towards modernity in the Catholic Church: appointing 21 new cardinals, and renewing the face of the Holy See, after recommending more than 50 women to participate and vote. At the Vatican’s October synod, Francis appointed a new polity to the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, the successor institution to the Inquisition.

In this way, point out the theologians and experts who heard from El Confidential that Francis is carrying out a controlled ‘eruption’ of the Holy See creature, which has gone down in history for the worst reasons, for banning and destroying important literary and scientific works. as well as to send people to share in the slightest sign of heresy or heterodoxy.

Víctor Manuel Tucho Fernández was chosen by Pope Francis. Also Argentine, 60 years old, former rector of the Catholic University of Argentina. From his hospital room, due to health problems, Francisco invited his friend to propose the challenge, guaranteeing the maintenance of the doctrine, but with the commitment to do it “in a completely new way”.

The then archbishop of La Plata took on a new mission whose main objective was now to ensure the development of body theological research in order to engage in dialogue with the world.

The change will certainly bring criticism from the most conservative sectors of the Catholic Church, and Francis, aware of this, pledged in a letter to challenge the new head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith.

“As the new Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, I entrust to you a task that I consider very valuable. Its central purpose is to defend the teachings that arise from the faith as reasons for our faith, not as adversaries to point out and condemn. The dicastery over which you preside has at other times used immoral methods. Rather than promoting theological knowledge, those were the times when possible doctrinal errors were perpetuated. What I expect from you is undoubtedly something very different,” Francis underlined in the letter, implying a gradual shift in posture, assuming the fallacies of the Inquisition in a way no head of the Catholic Church has ever done. As known (in the case of its ‘successor’) the ‘end’ of the inquiry.

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Pope Francis’ letter continues, “We need a way of thinking that knows how to confidently present a God who loves, forgives, saves, liberates, inspires people and calls them to fraternal service.”

Indeed, Fernández collaborated with Francis on the major texts and encyclicals he published, and the Pope now underlines that elements of the Church are accepting the “modern Magisterium” as this new incumbent has already helped navigate the papacy. The current Pope.

For example, German Cardinal Gerhard L. Criticism began with Mueller, who had a file showing he was investigating the new person in the trust doctrine, which he will now lead.

“The news fell like a bomb on the Vatican,” he said. Francis responded and justified what he wanted was a “radical return to the doctrine of the faith.”

Fernández, who was named a cardinal, responded on social networks and insisted that the request came directly from Francisco.

“This Dicastery was formerly called the Holy Office, and was the terror of many, because it was devoted to condemning errors, persecuting heretics, controlling all things, torturing and killing. What do you ask of me? [o Papa] It is very different because mistakes are not corrected by chasing or controlling, but by growing faith and wisdom. This is the best way to defend the doctrine,” he said.

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