Two killed in Crimea bridge explosion

Russia is not calling the Crimean bridge blast an “attack” but an “emergency” after Monday morning’s explosion on a Crimean bridge that killed two people, the Russian Federation says. BBC.

English media cites the social network telegramSergei Askionov, one of the main Russian administrators in Crimea, advanced that “traffic is stopped on the Crimean bridge. There is an emergency in the 145th support area”, this area is about the Russian side.

“Measures are being taken to resolve the situation,” the Russian president added, adding that Askionov “asked residents and visitors to the peninsula to refrain from traveling on the Crimean bridge, and for security reasons, they should choose.” “An Alternative to New Territories,” is how Russia refers to occupied territories in Ukraine.

Vyacheslav Klatkov, Governor of Belgorod, a region in the Russian West; he said He also called the death of a couple on the same social network an “emergency”. The governor said the couple’s daughter was injured.

For his part, according to English media, the Russian Transport Minister assured that the explosion did not damage the foundation of the bridge and only its surface was affected.

The bridge, which was already closed after another explosion in October last year, is an important route between Russia and Ukraine.

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