Pinto da Costa agrees search date for FC Porto’s SAD with PSB, CNN Portugal – FC Porto reveals

In order not to disturb the atmosphere surrounding a European game

• Photo: FC Porto

Pinto da Costa and the management of FC Porto also negotiated the search date of the Dragons SAD with the PSP, so as not to harm the context of the game with Liverpool in 2021. This information was published by CNN Portugal on Monday, after accessing the ‘influencer’ process that led to the ouster of the previous government.

In November 2021, his father, the former chairman of the FC Porto AG board, called to see if Matos Fernández, the environment minister at the time, had seen the news that the club was under investigation. José Manuel Mateos Fernández answered yes, Adelino Caldeira and Pinto da Costa “asked to be on today’s date. [operação de buscas] Not to be on game day. Then on Monday or Friday, police said.

As part of the process related to the contract with Altice for player transfer commissions and broadcasting rights, the PSP and the tax authority conducted searches at the home of SAD and Pinto da Costa on November 22, 2021.


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