Jordan Bartella. The Tik Tok phenomenon softens the image of the National Union and leads to the Prime Minister – the viewer

Ideologically, Jordan Bartella has become one of the main faces of the French far-right and far-right, although he harbors some differences (never fundamental) with Marine Le Pen, the woman who inspired him to enter the world of politics at the age of 17. . Dominate social media like no other Your message reaches the youth. Also, a careful figure and humble posture help him win over the elderly.

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Slightly different from the more populist and explosive claims of Marine Le Pen, Jordan Bartella paints a more moderate picture. Sara, an 18-year-old student emphasized To Le Figaro, who never voted for the former presidential candidate: “She will change her mind when it suits her”. But the talk changes when it comes to the 28-year-old. “He was smart for his age and he won over a lot of people. His eloquence can convince others, expressing your opinions politely. Marine Le Pen will be very aggressive.

These are short videos lasting more than a minute. They show small moments in debates or interviews in which Jordan Bartella always gives solid and convincing answers without contradicting himself. In others, more relaxed, the National Union prime ministerial candidate can be seen enjoying a cake, a hot dog or a beer. On TikTok, comments are generally positive (“You are our hope”), but there are also negative comments (“How sad”).



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With over a million followers on TikTok, Jordan Bartella has become a social media star. It helps him politically. Once you He allows, as agreed, “Reach apolitical youth who are being politicized thanks to social media”. However, the National Union politician is also a regular presence in the so-called traditional media. According to a tally by France 2, he is invited to speak on television or radio every three days on average.

Also, nicknamed “Nationalist Youth Whooping”. By Le Figaro, Jordan Bardella knows how to impress people his age with out-of-the-box events. For example, in January 2024, he held an event with 800 National Union youth in a popular Parisian nightclub. Between the drinks and the electronic music, the event was a success.

“The National Union vote is a youth vote”, Frédéric Dabi, Frédéric Dabi, French Institute of Public Opinion. Political scientist Le Figaro points out that Jordan Bartella contributes to this. “He breaks the classic stereotype of politicians. There is a recognizable phenomenon: he is a young man like me. “Of course there is an effect on social media,” he said.

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