Putin sacked four deputy ministers and chose a family member for one position

The Prime Minister’s son is one of the appointees for this revamp of the Defense Ministry

Russia’s president has fired four deputy ministers and appointed a relative’s daughter to a post.

According to Reuters, Vladimir Putin fired the Defense Ministry positions of Nikolai Pankov, Ruslan Salikov, Tatiana Shevtsova and Pavel Popov.

Kremlin decrees also indicate that the daughter of a cousin of the Russian president, Anna Sivilyeva, was selected for one of the same posts.

Leonin Kornin, until now the deputy minister of finance, will be another of the deputy ministers of defense, confirming the logic of adaptation in the ministry, which recently appointed economist Andrei Belousov to the top portfolio.

Another name chosen was Pavel Fratkov, son of Prime Minister Mikhail Fratkov. Oleg Savelyev completed the list of four alternatives.

Russian agencies suggest that this may be an attempt by Vladimir Putin to strengthen his power in the Ministry of Defense, namely by giving higher positions to people who are more loyal.

The same order states that Leonine Cornyn, who was in charge of overseeing the defense budget, will now provide the bridge for all financial assistance to the armed forces.

Anna Sivilyeva, the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s cousin, is reshaping all processes related to the social organization and support for military personnel.

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