Norway installs solar panels where there is no sunlight

Norway writes straight on curved lines, making a decision that may once again raise questions. The country decided to start capturing solar energy in an inhospitable region where the sun doesn’t shine in winter.

Putting solar panels on Radio Isfjord in the Arctic doesn't seem like a good idea because we have a nighttime season where it's completely dark. Of course they don't produce anything at that time. […].

Start by explaining Mons Ole SellevoldStore Norske technical advisor.

As part of a pilot project aimed at making the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Circle more efficient, Norway has begun capturing solar energy in an area where the sun doesn't shine during the winter.

As shared by Euronews, a total of 360 solar panels have been installed 1300 kilometers from the North Pole. These will begin to capture energy from the sun and make it available to the old Isfjord radio station, which until now runs only on diesel.

The aim is that from now on, at least in summer, Isfjord ships only using renewable energy and without polluting emissions.

[…] During the light season, summer, the sun shines 24 hours a day, and we have a large albedo, the reflection of light in the air and snow, and the low air temperature gives high efficiency. For panels.

Mons Ole Sellevold continued.

Svalbard, with an area of ​​61 thousand square kilometers, is home to more than 2,500 people, who are fed by the energy of coal or diesel plants.

Norway's mission is to develop a renewable energy production system that can make communities in remote areas more energy efficient and, as a result, less polluting.

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