Judge Trump confirmed the trial date and dismissed the appeal as moot

A federal judge in New York on Friday vowed not to postpone former US President Donald Trump’s defamation trial, scheduled for January, pending the outcome of an appeal he says is inappropriate. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan made those comments in a written decision in which he criticized the arguments of Trump’s attorneys, who in 2019 wrote to author and columnist E. Jean Carroll requested dismissal of the civil suit. A large Manhattan department store in 1996.

“This case has been stalled for years by Mr. Trump’s repeated efforts. Trump’s latest move (…) is yet another attempt to unnecessarily delay the resolution of this matter,” the judge underlined. The decision raises the possibility that Trump will face a defamation suit on Jan. 15, as the 2024 Republican primaries begin.

The Iowa Republican conventions will be held that day, and Trump faces four criminal charges in other cases. In Georgia, Trump and 18 other defendants have been charged with manipulating the state’s election results. In Florida, the former president was charged with negligent handling of classified White House documents.

The Republican president has been accused in Washington of trying to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Trump has been charged in New York with falsifying business documents in a case involving porn actress Stormy Daniels, who had an affair with the former president. 2006.

In May, 1996, E. He was ordered to pay five million dollars (€4.63 million) in damages for the sexual assault of Jean Carroll, after the jury dismissed the rape charges. Lawyers for the author and columnist are now seeking $10 million in compensatory damages and “substantial” punitive damages for comments he made while president and following the jury verdict.

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Part of the damages sought relate to comments Trump made in October when he refused to meet with Carroll and insisted the sexual assault never happened and that he was not in the store with her. The defamation charges related to comments Trump made in 2019, after Carroll first said they were publicly violated in a memoir, will be considered at the January hearing by Republicans after the conviction.

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