Computer hacker Walter Delgati has confirmed that Bolsonaro suggested hacking electronic voting machines in Brazil.

Computer expert Walter Delgatti told the Joint Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPMI) of the Brazilian Congress that the former president had promised “pardon” if he was found and arrested for these illegal activities.. According to the advance, Bolsonaro spoke with the hacker about the risk of institutional disruption if he failed in Brazil.

“As for him [Bolsonaro]They got a staple meal [escuta ilegal]Expected at the time by Judge Alexandre de Moraes. He said that there would be reconciliation talks with the judge and that I would have to take responsibility for this wiretap.

[Bolsonaro] He had pardoned a federal deputy. Here’s how I got on with the spoofing process [operação sobre invasão de telemóveis de autoridades brasileiras] At that time, and with [decisões judiciais] I sought this apology as precautionary measures prevented me from accessing and working on the internet. It was delivered that day,” he announced.

Delgati said he later spoke to the former president about his arrest. In this conversation, Bolsonaro reportedly said: “Don’t worry, if a judge arrests you, I will arrest the judge”.

In a tense statement, The hacker also claimed that the former president and some of his associates and advisers suggested creating a fake electronic ballot box to be used in the election campaign.

The idea was to create a source code to simulate the moment of voting by placing it in a fake ballot box. In this case, the voter would select one candidate, but the vote would be recorded for another, leading Bolsonaro supporters to believe the electronic voting system was flawed.

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Delgati noted His meetings with Bolsonaro were mediated by deputy Carla Zambelli, who he was working with at the time.And the former President has sent five times to the Ministry of Defense to discuss this with computer experts.

According to Hacker, the meetings with Bolsonaro were at the president’s official residence, and he clarified that he explained to the former president that voting procedures could not be violated in these meetings.

With this in mind, this Bolsonaro allegedly suggested Delgati create a fake ballot box, which was never done, and asked him to invade the computer networks of the Brazilian judiciary.

The pirate actually broke into the country’s National Prison Monitoring Bank (BNMP) and added a false arrest warrant against Judge Alexandre de Moraes.Chairman of the High Electoral Court (TSE) and Member of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Jair Bolsonaro was investigated by the TSE last June and stripped of all his political rights for eight years because of his campaign against the electronic voting machines that Brazil has used since 1996.

However, the focal point of the complaint, which led to the loss of political rights, was a meeting Bolsonaro called with 50 foreign diplomats at the official residence of the Brazilian president on July 18, 2022, to discredit the electoral system.

In this meeting, broadcast on public television, Bolsonaro has tried to convince diplomats of alleged fraud in electronic voting machines and suggested that Brazil’s electoral justice is colluding in favor of the incumbent president.Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva won the presidential election.

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The meeting with ambassadors was another step in the campaign against electronic voting machines, which Bolsonaro has become more militant since March 2021, leading to the arrest of Lula da Silva, who overturned STF corruption proceedings. Lead all election polls till 2022.

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