Night Attack in Ukraine; Putin met the commanders

UN, Ukrainians sign plan to protect children from Russians

Portuguese | 1 hour ago

Representatives of the United Nations and Ukraine on Friday signed a joint plan to “prevent and end serious violations of children’s rights” by Russia in the country.

Representatives of the United Nations and Ukraine on Friday signed a joint plan to “prevent and end serious violations of children’s rights” by Russia in the country.

Portuguese | 06:42 – 08/19/2023

Putin meets top generals in Rostov-on-Don

Daniela Carrillo | 1 hour ago

President Vladimir Putin met with the commander of Russia’s operation in Ukraine and other senior military figures, the Kremlin said on Saturday, a meeting that came after Ukraine made gains from its counteroffensive on the southeastern front.

“Vladimir Putin held a meeting at the headquarters of the military special operations group in Rostov-on-Don,” the Kremlin said in a statement, cited by Reuters, which said the Russian president had heard statements from Chief of General Valery Gerasimov. Army staff and other senior military commanders and officers responsible for special operations in Ukraine.

The meeting, which took place after Ukraine liberated a small village on the front line, was the first since July, and it is not clear when it happened or other details.

Russia launches nighttime drone strike in Ukraine

Daniela Carrillo | 1 hour ago

The Ukrainian air force said on Saturday night that Russia had launched 17 Shahed drones aimed at striking northern, central and western Ukraine, killing at least 15 of the Iranian-made drones, Reuters reported.

There is no word yet on the areas hit by Russia during the attack.

To remember…

Daniela Carrillo | 1 hour ago

Ukrainian forces may fail to recapture Melitopol. A US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, cited an intelligence report on the Melitopol situation that supports Washington’s view that the counteroffensive is proceeding more slowly than expected.

Russia bans ICC lawyer and British ministers and journalists The Russian Foreign Ministry justified these new sanctions by citing “London’s unwavering military support” for Kiev and “aggressive use of a hostile anti-Russian policy (…)”, almost a year after Russia’s half-war in Ukraine.

Ukraine has received fresh help from allies to bolster its counteroffensive. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the announcements of additional military aid needed to boost the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the east, particularly in the south, where the military has been able to advance despite Russian opposition.

The United States says nearly 500,000 soldiers were killed or wounded during the war. According to estimates, the total number of Ukrainian fighters is around 500,000, including active duty, reserve and paramilitary personnel. Russia has nearly triple that number with 1,330,000.

Start of monitoring

Daniela Carrillo | 2 hours ago

good morning! This Saturday, we resume our up-to-the-minute series on the most recent events related to the war in Ukraine. You can catch up on all the news from Friday at the link below:

Follow up-to-the-minute latest developments on the war in Ukraine here.

News of the Minute | 07:53 – 08/18/2023

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