Israel Attacks Hamas Centers, Desecrates Islamic Cemetery

“We are fighting one maneuver at a time: surface and ground warfare simultaneously, in a unique and professional way, in cooperation with special forces, commands and divisional combat teams,” said Gen. Dan Goldfuss, who is in charge of Khan Yunis operations. .

According to Goldfuss, the move by the Israeli army caused Hamas militants to leave the city, after which the troops took the opportunity to attack the militants' main structures.

During this incursion, the headquarters, training complexes, communications center and even buildings dedicated to military intelligence operations were attacked.

Regarding the underground operations, the Israeli military announced that hundreds of wells had been discovered in recent weeks, some of which lead to “strategic points important to Hamas.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant today confirmed that at least half of Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip were killed or wounded during Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) operations in the Palestinian territories.

“We have already killed at least a quarter of Hamas terrorists and wounded the same number,” the minister said during a meeting with military defenders, adding that the war against Hamas “will be long” but that Israel will win.

“The terrorists continue and we are fighting pockets of resistance. It will take months, not a day. (…) On the other hand, they have no supplies, no ammunition and no reinforcements,” added Gallant, as quoted by the newspaper. The Times of Israel.

However, according to a report by a journalist of the American agency Associated Press, following an attack on the Bani Suheela neighborhood in Khan Yunis, an Islamic cemetery in southern Gaza was demolished and graves were desecrated.

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As Israel continues its ground and air campaign in Gaza, the army's destruction of holy sites has drawn sharp criticism from Palestinians and human rights groups, who say the attack is an attack on cultural heritage.

Under international law, cemeteries and religious sites receive special protection, and destroying them can be considered a war crime.

Israel counters that Hamas uses these sites as military cover, removing these safeguards.

Israeli forces say they cannot find the tunnels to achieve their military objective of defeating Hamas, where members of the Islamist group have built command and control centers, transported weapons and hid some of the 130 hostages. .

Israel therefore claims that digging mines involves inevitable collateral damage.

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