Iowa: Trump crushes race early in primaries (and already forced another withdrawal)

Gabriel Borchers holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. A supporter of Nikki Haley in the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, she voted in favor of the country's former ambassador to the United Nations at a meeting last night in the inner state.

The meetings in question differ from regular voting rights. At over 700 points – schools, churches, libraries, private residences, etc. – Various groups of registered members of the party expressed their preference only after hearing the components of the four nominations. Local residents characterize this practice as “true democracy”.

Despite the minus 30 degrees, Porchers acknowledges that it's an amazing endeavor. “In recent years, support for Donald Trump has soared. Today, everyone I know is voting for him., he tells Expresso. “Even when we're not campaigning, there are flags everywhere with the name Trump on them, most houses have signs in front of them. Talking to older people makes it clear We've never seen anything like it”.

The numbers backed up the 24-year-old's claim. Based on 94% of the data collected, in the first phase of the selection process, New York Chancellor It received 51.1% of the votes. Ron DeSantis, Nikki Hawley and Vivek Ramasamy have 21.2%, 19.1% and 7.7% respectively.. At the end of the night, in the early hours of the morning in Lisbon, Ramasamy announced his resignation, declaring his support for Trump.

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