The UK has decided to ban the Islamist group Hizb ud Tahrir, accused of promoting extremism.

“Hizb ut-Tahrir is an anti-Semitic organization that actively encourages and promotes terrorism, including praising and celebrating the horrific October 7 attacks.” Hosted by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in Israel, British Home Secretary James Wise explained in a statement.

“I have decided to ban Hizb ud Tahrir in the UK” because the group's actions “go against everything our country stands for”.James Wise later explained in a post on the Twitter social network X. “Belonging to this group and calling its support is considered a criminal offense”he added.

The motion was tabled in Parliament on Monday to make it a punishable offense for members of the group to promote support and display pro-group articles in public. Up to 14 years.

Founded in 1953, Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international political group advocating the creation of a caliphate governed by Islamic law that would unite all Muslims. Headquartered in Lebanon, the group operates in at least 32 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia.

“Outlawing this terror group will ensure that anyone who belongs to or supports the group will face consequences. Hizb ud-Tahrir's ability to operate now will be limited.”Reads the report of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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The plan will be debated in the British Parliament this week and if approved, Al-Qaeda, ISIS (Islamic State), National Action or The Wagner Group.


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