Hugo Soares should be PSD's parliamentary leader – observer

Hugo Soares, PSD's general secretary and Luis Montenegro's right-hand man, must stay away from the next government to become PSD's parliamentary leader. This hypothesis was proposed by Luis Marquez Mendes, outside his usual opinion on the SIC, and confirmed by the Observer with a source familiar with the process.

This is one of the most delicate decisions Luis Montenegro will have to make when shaping a future manager. Hugo Soares became considered Join the government, take the Parliamentary Affairs portfolio or become a Deputy Minister of Montenegro. However, Hugo Soros is also the party's general secretary, making it difficult to juggle both roles.

Given the weakened parliamentary structure resulting from the March 10 assembly elections, the Republican Assembly will assume a larger central role in the next assembly. Hugo Soares has accumulated experience – he was Luis Montenegro's deputy on the parliamentary bench, succeeding him for a short time, despite being fired by Rui Rio.

Montenegro understands that experience in political warfare, dynamism, and rapport with all parties is essential, and Hugo Soares meets all the criteria. At SIC, Marquez Mendes supported this point. “To win, in addition to good ministers, the PSD needs a good parliamentary leader: with skill in political warfare; and skill in party dialogue. There is only one hypothesis: Hugo Soares. Being in AR you will have more power and political strength than in the government”, very close to Luis Montenegro. Former PSD leader, defended.

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