After 144 years, the Sagrada Familia will be ready in 2026

In a press conference with the council's general director Xavier Martínez and director architect Jordi Falli, Camps said he was “hopeful” that the vertical part of the temple's construction would be completed in ten years, in 2034.

He explained that in 2024 and 2025 we will focus on completing the work on the Capella de l'Assumpta and the Tower of Jesus Christ, and if there are no obstacles, the 122-meter tower should be completed in 2025 and opened in 2026. Coinciding with the centenary of Antoni Gaudí's death.

Efforts will be directed towards the Façade de la Gloria and its verticality, located on Calle Mallorca, which currently have construction permits.

The president of the Scarada Familia explained that a national choice was made for the sculptures for the Capella de l'Assumpta, while the Fachada da Glória will “perhaps” have the international participation of several sculptors because the richness of the facade cannot be created. By an artist.

Regarding the staircase at the Facada da Gloria, Camps stressed that the management “has not given up” on it, that it is negotiating with the management all that is necessary, and that it is confident that an agreement can be reached.

Its purpose is to follow the plan presented by Gaudí in 1915: “If the administration issues licenses it will be executed with the letter”. Esteve Camps expressed his satisfaction with the visit of the Barcelona City Council President Jaume Colboni to the temple.

4.7 million viewers

The Sagrada Familia received a total of 4,707,367 visitors in 2023, which is close to the pre-pandemic numbers of 2019 and which represents an increase of 24.7% compared to 2022, when there were 3,781,845 people, and preserved the price of tickets “reasonable”.

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85% of visitors are foreigners, with North Americans making up the majority of temple visitors, 19.04%, Spaniards, 14.6%, French, 7.5%, Italians, 7.2%, British, 5.9% and South Koreans, 5.6%.

The basilica's revenue of 126.9 million euros came from private sources, and 52% of the costs were allocated to construction – compared to 43% the previous year.

In 2023, the towers of the evangelists Matthew and John were crowned, with figures of the tetramorph completing the four towers, the basement and the slab on which the Capella de l'Assumpta would be built. The roofs were completed.

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