“Have we won yet?”. Kyiv mayor on a collision course with Ukrainian president

The investigations follow a recent case in which three people died after failing to enter an air-raid shelter during a Russian attack on the Ukrainian capital.

The head of Kiev’s security department has been placed under house arrest following the audit.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko He resorted to Telegram To criticize the ongoing investigations into the condition of shelters. He decried the “endless searches” that hamper efficient administration of the city.

“Today there is a huge campaign to defame the authorities in the capital and to defame me personally. In times of war, they cause chaos in the administration of the capital.said the person in charge.

Klitschko did not directly address the Ukrainian president, but criticized the decision and considered it too early to start political battles while the conflict with Russia is still ongoing.

“Have we already won? Do we have other challenges? The main problem is Klitschko? Someone is eager to regain control of the capital., the local authority alleges. He adds that these political struggles “hold the people of Kyiv hostage.”

Vitaly Klitschko has been mayor of Kyiv for nine years. Before the Russian invasion began, in February 2022, he was considered one of Volodymyr Zelensky’s biggest opponents.

Already at the end of last year, the Ukrainian president accused the mayor of Kyiv of being incompetent in providing people with access to energy sources.

At the time, Vitali Klitschko realized that he shared part of the responsibility for the defeats, but there were other culprits to point to, namely those appointed by the president.

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