“They will fight to the last Ukrainian”

The Russian government said on Thursday that a counteroffensive launched this month by Ukrainian armed forces had abated, but still, Vladimir Putin is calling for “continuous monitoring” as he believes the possibility of Ukrainian attacks is “nil”. exhausted”.

The Russian president, quoted by the official Interfax news agency, warned that Kiev had not yet used all its “strategic reserves” and warned Russian forces to take this into account in the defense of occupied territories since the invasion that began on February 24. 2022.

At a meeting of the Russian Security Council, Putin demanded that hostilities be organized on the basis of “truth,” which also takes into account the readiness of Kiev and its Western allies to fight “until the last Ukrainian,” Interfax pointed out.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said after 16 days of active fighting that “the enemy has reduced its activity,” a slowdown that Ukrainian officials have by no means acknowledged.

Kiev has celebrated the capture of several places in recent days.

“After intensively fighting for the past 16 days and suffering significant losses, the enemy is reducing operations and regrouping troops,” Shoigu told a meeting of the Russian Security Council, as quoted by Interfax.

Shoigu agreed with Putin, arguing that “adversaries still have the strength to carry out more offensive operations.”

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