Two “tourists” describe their positive experiences on the Titan: “I’ve wanted to find the Titanic since I was 12.”

Opinions are divided: some believe that sailing on Titan is the experience of a lifetime, while others say that the submarine’s structure seemed “advanced.”

Alan Estrada didn’t feel “unsafe” when he dove into the depths of the ocean on Titan a year ago. Renata Rojas made her dream come true in 2022, despite multiple cancellations due to the wreckage of the Titanic. The voyage of the submarine — now missing, with five men aboard — was a success for these two, contrary to many reports it emerged.

Mexican YouTuber and actor Alan Estrada knew the dangers he ran into from the start. I learned that when climbing, the probability of “failure” is high. Even so, he signed a document in which he undertook the eight-hour journey to the remains of the Titanic, taking responsibility for the dangers he was running.

One of the dangers he knew was the impossibility of opening a submarine from the inside. “It is necessary to open it” from the outside, a “complicated operation”, he recalled in the context of recent events in social networks.

Guarantees that “seeing the Titanic is worth the risk.” youtuber Known by the channel “Alanxelmundo”. The trip a year ago went smoothly. “Knowing that there were so few people at that depth, before that shipwreck, the most famous on the planet, is very special,” he says.

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50-year-old Renata Rojas is one of the passengers on Titan in July 2022. The woman, who works at Sabadell Bank, was one of the “mission specialists” and one of three civilians who could afford the trip.

When she decided to enter university, she initially enrolled in oceanography because of her desire to someday find the Titanic. “I’ve wanted to find the Titanic since I was 12,” he says The Independent. “I took up oceanography and wanted to become an oceanographer and search for the Titanic”.

However, shortly after being accepted into the course, the Titanic was discovered in 1985, and Renata Rojas changed course to a career as a banker. Even as her life changed, Renata never forgot her passion for the Titanic. After learning that there was a submersible capable of taking tourists to the wreck, Renata Rojas, according to The Independent, used all her connections and was finally able to take part in the expedition until 2022. She fulfilled her dream.

Banker describes the journey on the Titan: “We were descending quickly. Everything flew out the window. But we were doing some experiments with the lights on and off to see how the life outside the submarine would react. As we approach the bottom, the pilot begins to need assistance. You need to activate one of them [equipamento] to slow the descent; We don’t want to hit bottom,” he said.

“I didn’t feel like a tourist, I felt like the founder of a scientific expedition. If we want to be tourists and not participate in anything, we can do that, but OceanGate promotes a journey in which we can. Whether it’s taking pictures, videos, articles, or participating in an operational or scientific area. And be a part of the team whatever we want,” he said. Escape H.

The woman said in an article cps news, Already booked the trip three times, all canceled. “All cruises have their challenges, all of them. I’ve never been on a cruise where we didn’t have to adjust, modify, change or cancel things at the end of the day. We’re at the mercy of the weather.”

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Losing touch? Normal

“CBS Sunday Morning” reporter David Bock took part in one of the trips organized by OceanGate to the wreck of the Titanic. Bock describes his experience in an essay and an interview BBC, further states that it is impossible to escape Titan without help. David Bock explains that once the crew is inside, they use 17 screws to close the main capsule.

Bock agrees in an essay CBS News He was alarmed, especially after reading the liability agreement the company provided to the team, which read: “This test vessel has not been approved or certified by any regulatory body and may cause physical injury, emotional distress or death.”

In the same article, he admitted that he couldn’t help but think that many of the elements that make up the Titan were “upgraded and ready-to-use components”: “The ship is operated using a video game controller.”

Bogue added that the submarine was lost for two and a half hours.

“On this dive, communications somehow failed. The submarine never located the wreck,” it said.

During one trip, Bogue says the submarine lost its way and the company cut off the Internet connection.

TV comedy writer Mike Reiss, who worked on The Simpsons, participated in the Titan mission in 2022. BBC Using small propellers, the submarine descended very quickly to the depths of the ocean. He says that on all three of his voyages, including on the Titanic, communications were cut off during dives.

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