Goodbye, brief dresses. Wash and iron like this

NoAll clothes come out clean after washing. Even after drying in the sun for a while, they still shrink and require a wash before use.

Still, don’t worry. There are a few tricks you can do when washing your clothes so that they are wrinkle-free and ready to wear. The BrazilGreece website reveals that one of the first steps Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions on the labels. You can do something wrong and damage the fabric.

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On the other hand, it is important Be careful with the centrifuge. If you feel that the clothes are always coming out too short, lower the spin speed and it will be softer.

Pay attention to the temperature. High heat will make the fabric shrink more. There are even delicate fabrics that should always be washed at low temperatures.

Another tip goes Hang the clothes to dry after the machine cycle. Leaving them in for several hours will cause more creases to appear.

must also Consider the amount of clothes you put in the machine And prevent it from getting too full. An even load distributes the detergent and water better through the clothes, preventing them from wrinkling.

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